#32 Google, did you know…?

Yep. The answer is yes. Because Google knows everything. During lockdown, I’ve been trying to listen to one podcast per day from Today In Focus, by The Guardian. I would highly recommend them – they discuss random but important issues like where our recycling really goes, and the horrors of what Jeffrey Epstein did. ButContinue reading “#32 Google, did you know…?”

#30 Birthday Celebrations: Lockdown Edition

After a month off of writing articles for the uni newspaper, I thought I better get my ass in gear again. Jumping onto the Life&Style section, the issue of having a birthday in lockdown stands out to me, because A) my birthday is coming up this month (YASSS) and B) I’m here to tell youContinue reading “#30 Birthday Celebrations: Lockdown Edition”

#29 Reflection: The Lockdown Experience

Hi bitches, me again. Yep, it’ll be a month tomorrow since my last post – I haven’t done so in a while. Although Boris didn’t put a lockdown on publishing blog posts, let’s just pretend he did, because I have no other valid excuse as to why I haven’t written any blogs. For me, lockdownContinue reading “#29 Reflection: The Lockdown Experience”

#26 Pets (and death, sorry)

Over the years, the T(a)it family has experienced a decent salmagundi of animals, considering we’re just an average family (salmagundi means ‘a general mixture’ – I’m trying to broaden my *very limited* vocabulary whilst in lockdown). Starting off with just some fish in the pond, we’ve since graduated to: chickens, frogs borne (actually spelt frogsContinue reading “#26 Pets (and death, sorry)”

#25 That skirt ain’t cool, hun

Whilst we’re currently in lockdown, one activity to keep yourself busy might be some online shopping. Who doesn’t love a good retail therapy sesh? You might hop onto Pretty Little Thing or boohoo.com. You might come across a sexy, but sophisticated cropped white shirt – something you’ve been looking for, for yonks. You allow yourContinue reading “#25 That skirt ain’t cool, hun”

#24 Digital Detox

Celebrities and social media influencers have recently been having/doing/giving themselves (which verb do I use??) digital detoxes (apparently – that’s what the newspaper organisers told me to write about anyway). For social media influencers in particular, their job is quite literally to be interacting on social media, so a digital detox is essentially just theContinue reading “#24 Digital Detox”